Clarify text on Registration Entry block

Clarify text on Registration Entry block


We have a lot of parents registering their students for events who don't recognize that the "Family Member" we're asking for is the student, not the parent. They wind up registering themselves for camp instead of their kids.

The current text is fixed in RockWeb.Blocks.Event.RegistrationEntry.ascx as the Label attribute of the ddlFamilyMembers control. If this could either be changed to "Person to Register" or made somehow configurable, it would save us having to repair almost half of our registrations.

(I recognize that from a developer perspective this control is listing family members and seems aptly named. I'm proposing that we see this from the technology-challenged perspective of many of our members. Their mindset is on filling out the form, and if the name selected in the "Family Member" box is a family member (which a parent _is_), they feel like they're good to go.)


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  • Shawn Ross

    Steve, a couple things to consider, as we've wondered and struggled with some of the same tensions. Have you taken a look at these, which are available to you now?

    • You CAN change the Registration Term and the Registrant Term, using the controls under the templates 'Terms/Text' section. We haven't found a perfect way to do this, as there are nuances to gender, person vs people, etc. w/ the English language. Although I haven't tried putting lava in the registrant term control....

    • Version 8.0 added a new Registration Instruction field that can be used to place helper text, etc. ABOVE the first screen the registrar sees. We've found this really helps for us.