Conditional Fees on Event Registrations

Conditional Fees on Event Registrations


Imagine a world where you can control what fees are available based on registrant attribute answers, or registrant attributes based on what fees are selected, OR make fees conditional on other fees!

For example, imagine you have a $250 fee that allows you to sponsor bags at an event. But only when this fee is selected should the question be asked, "Do you want us to handle ordering the bags, or will you?" With the new Obsidian block, we can't use Javascript to hide/reveal registrant attributes based on other things selected on the page. And, honestly, that was never a great solution.

The possibilities are endless, and in the same way registrant attributes are conditional, conditional fees feel like a natural extension. 

Photo of Christine ColemanSubmitted by Christine Coleman, BEMA Software Services  ·   ·  Event
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