Add Security to Asset Storage Providers

Add Security to Asset Storage Providers


Rock's method of securing things system-wide is a very robust and yet flexible solution.

One area where security seems to currently be missing is with Asset Storage Providers. Having the ability to add security to asset storage providers to control who can see/upload assets to these directories would be helpful in:

  1. Ensuring images and files that are used in day to day ministry get uploaded to the correct place
  2. Enabling files to be more quickly located in the future by all users
  3. Provide greater clarity to staff and volunteers by not showing providers which are used to store things that are not relevant to their role(s)

Ideally, we'd love to see the following levels of control for security:

  1. View - Users who have "View" access can see the asset storage provider, as well as select/upload assets to it.
  2. Edit - Users who have "Edit" access can add/delete folders within the asset storage provider.
  3. Administrate - Users who have "Administrate" access can make modifications to the asset storage provider settings.


Photo of Brian KalwatSubmitted by Brian Kalwat, NewSpring Church  ·   ·  Core
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