Add Location Entry to Service Metrics Entry Block

Add Location Entry to Service Metrics Entry Block


Our headcounts are broken up by Date, Campus, Schedule, and Location. The current Service Metrics Entry block allows us to enter a metric using Date, Campus and Schedule, but does not allow us to utilize Locations. This means we are unable to use this block to track our headcounts and are having to work toward a custom solution.

We'd love to see the out-of-the-box service entry block allow for Date, Campus, Schedule AND Location to increase it's functionality. Adding this also allows us more readily create reporting consistency as we are able to use shared objects (like Location) across various types of reporting (i.e. using check-in data alongside headcount data). 

Photo of Ashleigh EarnestSubmitted by Ashleigh Earnest, North Coast Church  ·   ·  Reporting
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