Approve Emails Based on Sender/Communication List

Approve Emails Based on Sender/Communication List


It would be nice if there was a way to approve emails based on who is sending it or the communication list they are sending to. Ex: Some senders always need approval, but others don't. Or these certain communication lists need approval, but others don't. 

Adjusting the number of recipients doesn't work for us because, for example:

  • We have 50 group leaders (needs approval)
  • 3000 attendees (needs approval)
  • 1000 parents of kids and students (doesn't need approval)

There's just a large middle ground with a lot of emails that don't need approval. This could happen by making certain security roles always needing approval. And then a setting in the new communication list block to require approval.

Ministry Need: These enhancements would reduce or eliminate frustration because we have some people who work really late hours submitting emails for approval. They schedule them to send out the next morning at 8am, which forces our Comms Director to approve them all before then. Some emails have not been sent by the set date/time. It would also give our ministries more freedom to create and send emails. The ministries/staff that DO need approval will have that approval sooner.

Why? This would take a lot of the burden off our Comms Director. 

Photo of Andrew ToddSubmitted by Andrew Todd, Victory Christian Church  ·   ·  Communication
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