Max File Size property on File Types

Max File Size property on File Types


We would love to have a property added to the File Type entity that allows a "Max Size" to be defined, similar to the existing Max Height/Width settings.

The issue we're running into is that the Cloudinary (a Rock storage provider plugin) free plan only allows 10MB max images, and exceeding that causes the file uploader UI to blow up with a nasty exception... there's no way to prevent a person from uploading such a large file and getting a graceful error back.

That said, rather than ask for a one-off solution from the Cloudinary plugin developer specifically, I think it would be much better/useful to have the File Type allow defining the Max File Size for that file type, which would let ALL file types benefit from having separate, admin-defined maximums vs, the single, global default "max upload size" Rock allows today.

If such a property were added to the File Type, the UI should then gracefully show an error message to the user indicating the max size allowed.

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  • Jonathan Anderson

    This would also be useful for content channel images.

    More times than I can count I have had to remove images and resize them because the image files uploaded were huge (> 2mb) and our pages were loading slow because there were 10+- images in the page all with large sizes. While I understand the importance of properly sized images for you site, not everyone does and it would be really easy to just put a size limit In the file type and be done.

    • Jim Michael

      Yep. Since the file size would be on the File TYPE, any place a file/image is used in Rock that has an underlying file type would benefit.