"Request Childcare" option in registration block

"Request Childcare" option in registration block


We frequently have events with childcare, but we've not yet found a way to easily handle childcare as part of registration. We don't want to create a separate registration just for the kids, so we usually just have a field that says "Name and ages of kids being registered for childcare."

In most cases, we know who these parents are and their kids are already in our system. It seems like it should be possible to add a few fields to easily track children needing childcare on an adult's registration. It could be as simple as a list of the children with a checkbox next to them.

Photo of Micah Odor Submitted by Micah Odor, Whitewater Crossing Christian Church  ·   ·  Event
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  • Catie Pershing

    We are also struggling to find a good solution for this. Right now, we funnel people to another registration so we can put kids into groups for check-in. Would love to see a way to select the kids in your family and have them drop into a group automatically. Could there also be a way to require a birthdate for the kids?

    No suggestions on not being logged in though other than matching to an existing family/record in the database as it does now. Alternately, we often require people to be logged in for a registration so we can keep their information up to date and pre-fill fields for speed.

  • Jon Edmiston

    We're very interested in the childcare feature and have been thinking about it for a while. In the solution above the person would need to be logged in. How would you see this working if they were not logged in?