Automatically Inactivate a Group Member When Archived

Automatically Inactivate a Group Member When Archived


The Problem:

When a group member is archived, the system appears to keep the current Group Member Status for that group member. We often run into our staff or group leaders archiving members when they are Pending or Active, so I've noticed that the "Archived" doesn't overrule the Group Member status.

If the group member is "Active" when Archived:
The bar chart at the top of the Groups tab on the Person Profile Page will show continue to indicate that they're a member, because they're technically active in the group -- even if they're archived.

If the group member is "Pending" when Archived:
The individual's name will continue to be included in System Emails to our group leaders, stating that there's a pending member on their roster -- but the person's name is technically not on the group leader's roster because it's been archived. That means they must email our groups department and ask them to re-add the individual to their group, update the member status to Inactive, then re-archive the group member to get the emails to stop.

A Solution:

If it's possible, it would be awesome if the system would automatically update a group member's status to "Inactive" whenever they are archived. This would help eliminate our data issues. While we have attempted to address this with training, mistakes are still made -- and it would be a much quicker and simpler process if they could click the Archive button straight away without opening the Group Member Edit page first.

This feature would be especially useful whenever you'd like to manage their involvement in a group from the Groups Tab on the Person Profile Page -- if you archive straight from the Groups grid, their member status won't be updated. So, you must first click to open the group, find/filter for the group member (if the group is large), open the group member edit page, update their status, save, then archive. There are a lot of extra steps this way :)

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  • Knolly Shadrache

    Just spent best part of a morning figuring out what was happening on our rock sandbox after enabling group history and finding that people deleted from groups still have active group membership status!!.

    We're switching off group history till this is resolved as we have quite a few dependencies.

  • Jim Michael

    I would open a Github issue on it and see how they respond, and only delete it here if it's determined to be a bug.

  • Jim Michael

    This sounds like a bug more than a feature request to me. Since archiving is the "history-maintaining-equivalent" of DELETING a group (which is what happens when the group doesn't have history enabled), the members should be treated in the same way. When you delete a group, people don't still show as active in the group, after all... right?