Direct users to the current Person Page of a merged record

Direct users to the current Person Page of a merged record

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If someone sends a link to a person's record and that record gets merged there is at least a 50% chance that link is now dead and the user now needs to search for the current merged record.

Sometimes people send links without a name or they send a link to someone who has a name similar to someone else and we want to make sure we are going to that specific person.

If persons 4 and 5 are merged and now exist solely as person 4 then going to the record for /Person/5 should have one of three possible results:

1. Text saying that the /Person/5 has been merged and a link that sends them to /Person/4
 - Requires interaction, but does inform them of what's happened in case they were asked if the record should be merged

2. Automatically forward from the page for /Person/5 to /Person/4 with either notice of what's happening or no notice
 - Very easy for the user in general, but may cause confusion if they get 2 links to compare and they both go to the same page

3. Just load the record for /Person/4 there on the page for person /Person/5.
 - Even more confusing than option 2 because there would be multiple pages for one person without someone realizing it

I prefer option 1. It makes sure they know the new location of the record and why it happened.

Photo of Bob Brown Submitted by Bob Brown, Christ's Church in Jacksonville, FL  ·   ·  Core
Photo of Jon Edmiston Complete Jon Edmiston, Spark!  · 
Planned Version 10.0
Ministry Strength 1 / 5
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