Group Attendance Reminders via Text

Group Attendance Reminders via Text

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Be able to send Group Attendance Reminders via Email or Text using the Communication Preference on the person's record.  The links generally work on a mobile device and some of the younger generation don't do much with email. Currently System Emails do not support a separate Text option.  Not sure how this would be implemented.

Photo of Bob Rufenacht Submitted by Bob Rufenacht, BEMA Information Technologies  ·   ·  Group
Photo of Jon Edmiston Planned Jon Edmiston, Spark!  · 

Planning on implementing in a v9.x release.

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  • Craig Mashburn

    I would love to see the Text/Email option on the group meeting details screen and perhaps the group leader can choose. That way, some groups can get text and some email based on how the leaders want it and it does not have to be all one way.