Run A Report Based On Selected Group

Run A Report Based On Selected Group


Instead of having to make a Data View first to select members of one group, it would be nice if you could simply select a group in a report, like you can select a Data View.

Photo of Craig Mashburn Submitted by Craig Mashburn, Southwest Church of Christ  ·   ·  Reporting
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  • Luke Taylor

    It seems like, if the report is the same, it would be pretty easy to make a dynamic report and just be able to pick the group on the page.

  • Jim Michael

    While that would be convenient, it would break the current model of dataviews are the 'who', reports are the 'what' model that Rock uses. There's a hard line between the functions that select the records and the reports that show whatever data you need to for those records.

    • Craig Mashburn

      I mean yes, data views are the who, but groups are also the who. Just seems like an unnecessary step to have to make a data view for "who" when the who is already selected.