Messaging Protocol Extension

Messaging Protocol Extension


Text Messaging (and other mobile messaging) protocols have been adding extra data and other functions. It would be great to have some structure added to Rock to deal with those. If the structure/functionality exists, I haven't heard how to leverage it. Even if it's one of those things that has some additions to the core code base, but it's up to Partners, etc. to make full use of, that would be a good thing IMO

Examples of 'extensibility' and other things on the subject I see being added in the marketplace:

  • iMessage 'effects': as an example this can happen when someone "Like's" a message sent through Twilio from Rock. This is essentially feedback that they have seen/acted upon the message we sent; maybe an Interactions entry?
  • Rich Communication Services (Twilio started enabling this February 2018)
  • Emoji
  • GIF's
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