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Rock RMS Product Manager

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The Rock RMS Product Manager will oversee the technical architecture and alignment of projects to our strategic implementation of processes and functionality into Rock RMS. This will be accomplished through assisting in the implementation of new functionalities, helping to work with ministries to define the problems they are trying to solve, and providing technical direction for our implementation of Rock.

Personal Qualifications

• Can articulate an identifiable salvation experience and lives out a pattern of spiritual development and regular participation at LCBC

• Supports LCBC’s vision, purpose, mission, and core values

• Shows a desire to grow, develop, and mature, both spiritually and professionally

• Displays a winning attitude, assumes the best, and communicate the truth with grace

• A track record as a strong leader

Primary Responsibilities

• Become a subject matter expert in Rock RMS

• Provide strategic and technical oversite to projects related to Rock RMS

• Work with Ministry & Project Owners to determine ministry or business problems, and determine effective solutions to help solve those problems.

• Collaborate with the Digital Director and Project Manager on Rock RMS project priorities and provide feedback to prioritize projects for Digital Application Specialists.

• Lead the Rock RMS team to ensure we are achieving our best work technically.

• Ensure that any changes or updates to Rock RMS do not affect its performance to work efficiently during peak usage times and work to eliminate potential downtimes or outages that affect usage of Rock RMS or related services.

• Facilitate documenting new products that we build in Rock RMS.

• Other duties as assigned

Required Knowledge and Skills

• Strong verbal and written skills

• Has the ability to identify processes and understands how to use technology to turn them into workflows or more efficient processes.

• Clearly explain complicated and detailed processes in a concise and simple way.

• Can manage confidential and sensitive information with discretion, with a high level of integrity and dependability.

• Ability to self-motivate, take the initiative, make independent decisions, and problem-solve.

• Identifies as a technologist and has a proven record of using technology to solve problems creatively

• Has the ability to self teach and learn new things through research, experimentation, and finding resources to grow their skills

• Knowledgeable about industry-standard best practices

• Passionate and comfortable working in a highly collaborative, team-based environment

• Self-starter that’s capable of juggling multiple projects simultaneously

• Ability to learn various product applications with customer viewpoints and struggles in mind.

• Identify yourself as an early adopter who enjoys learning new technology tools and new ways of doing things.


• Bachelor’s Degree

• 1-3 years of work-related experience

• Experience in working with Rock RMS

Rock RMS Job Board Policy
Rock is a growing community. While the harvest is great the workers are few. We highly discourage actively recruiting from other churches. The positions are provided for those outside of church staff or for those who feel led to move to a new opportunity.
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