Rock comes with a stock "org chart" which is just a group tree. I was recently tasked with making this so our leadership could more easily follow.

I ended up using google charts to accomplish the task. 

It still leaves some to be desired, but it works for us to stop relying on a whiteboard in our senior pastor's office. 

The tree displays the Group Name and any leader in the group. 

known bugs:

  1. If more then 1 leader is entered there is not a comma or space between their names (see youth). 
  2. If two areas in the tree have the same name the chart gets confused about how to structure the groups.
  3. The chart is organized in alphabetical order. We had to use numbers to organized our divisions in the desired order. 

Here's how to accomplish this: 

  1. Create a page that you want the org chart to be placed on
  2. Add an HTML block and set the block properties to allow "RockEntitiy". 
  3. Paste the code below making sure to update your "group type id" to match your systems org chart groups.