This recipe came from a funny discussion in the Random Channel on Community Chat about replicating the Let Me Google That For You "joke" sites. But why not put it to practical use? Here we're creating a simple workflow that we can expose on the Internal Homepage of Rock to enable your "new to Rock" team members know about the plethora of information available to them on the many Rock Community sites.



All that's really needed is to download, unzip the workflow file, import it into your Rock, and add it to your Internal Homepage. Let's see how with the easy steps below!

Step 1

Download the file shown at the bottom of this recipe and unzip/unpack it. You'll find a file ending in .json that we'll use in the next step.

Step 2

Import the workflow by navigating to Admin Tools > Power Tools > Workflow Import/Export in Rock.

Step 3

Add a Workflow Entry block onto your Internal Rock Homepage in a visible location. I suggest the Sidebar 1 zone.
Hard-set that imported workflow to this new block.

Step 4



This workflow could be expanded if the RockU and Subscription videos sections of the Rock Community had search capabilities added to them based on their title and descriptions. Please go vote for this Idea if you'd like to see that added!