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Family Analytics

I am trying to have the family analytics work with more than just the base groups in rock. I have enabled the job and everything, but it only works with a groups that came included with rock. I have created different kinds of groups and groups types to fit out our ministry, but I can't seem to get family analytics to work with them, to update the attendance graph on people pages and first and second visit.

I am wondering if there is a way to change this, or if someone knows where the code for this job is, so that I can be edited?

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    If I remember correctly, I think you have to go into the group type that you want to have count for attendance, click edit and then click the "Weekend Service" checkbox under the Attendance/Check-in tab. That should make those group types count for the attendance graph and eRA.

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    You are magic! That was it! I have been searching for weeks on how to do it! I wish it was documented better.

    I thought it was hardwired in the code somewhere!

    There is a whole page about family analytics, and no where does it mention that you need to click weekend service! Thanks so much!