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ROCK api questions

Hello! I am hoping to build a front end with React and use ROCKs api to connect to. I have a few questions that I am somewhat confused by:

1. Is there a way to get json from Pages so I can display it? Right now the only way I see to get Page content is by querying Pages, fetching the Blocks Ids from the Pages, and using that BlockId to query HTMLContents. This returns me the HTML for the page content. Is there a different way to do this?

2. Is there any documentation or explanation for how to use Workflow and Registration endpoints? I am not sure if I will get something like an HTML template from the endpoint or if I will just post the form info to one of the endpoints? 

3. How do I get Event details? I can see that using EventItems returns some info but I don’t get any description or dates. Is it somewhere in Event Occurrences?

4. I can see there is a Login endpoint, but I can’t seem to find any endpoints for creating a new account, forgotten password or account updates.

Thanks so much for any help!

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    Hi Rob!

    We are also sailing in a similar boat!

    Guess you would have figured it out by now. In a rare case, you havent, yet, 

    Got a lot of useful tips regarding Rock API usage from API Documentation section of

    You can try out all the APIs from the cool API Workbench by going to /api/docs/index of your rock installation, or Admin Tools -> Power Tools -> API Docs.

    Default output of Rock API is indeed JSON!

    To test these APIs from a remote machine, you can use MS Visual Studio Code with REST Client plugin.

    Hope it helps...