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Total Cost of Ownership.

We are evaluating Rock to be our management system as we migrate from CCB. I'm curious about the need for development staff, how many, skills, development languages? Can someone help me? We are multi-campus with around 12,000 weekly worshipers. An example job description would be awesome as well as a recommendation on the staff that would need to customize and manage the system. What works for other churches our size? Additionally, what would be a typical timeline for a full migration?

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    Sorry for the delayed response Tim. A Rock Partner ( would be very helpful giving you cost estimates and timelines for a full migration if you haven't yet reached out to one. 

    There is also a Job Board ( page where you can see some similar position descriptions for staff that help to maintain Rock for their church.

    But to give you an idea many churches your size can run a multi-campus instance with just a few people. Timelines can vary depending on how quickly your teams can be trained on the new system and if you go with a partner their current workload. Most your size take 6-12mos depending, but can get it done much faster if the need arises.

    I know that I'm not in your boat, but a smaller church like myself with only 125 average on a weekend (that includes) children can run Rock very lean. We have no paid staff to set up and manage Rock and host in the cloud for pocket change. It's all very relative as we happen to have some skilled volunteers to help with that burden.