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Dropped Trigger?

Hi Everyone, 

Our team was working, and we came across an error in our data and found that a trigger was dropped from our database. After review, we found the drop trigger was done in migration, but it doesn't look like this was documented anywhere. Was there a reason why this was left out? (Or did we miss this in docs)

Just wanted to flag this to everyone and potentially save someone else some time searching.


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    We typically don't document technical changes in the foundation of the software. They should be transparent to organizations. Do you have more information on how this effected you? Perhaps there's something we can improve on.

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    Hi Jon, 

    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! We have a couple of SQL jobs that do large bulk updates to that table, we updated into the value column and relied on the trigger to update valueasdate. 

    After we upgraded to 14.1, we found that a data point didn't update when we were reviewing a report export and caught it that way. I hope this helps!