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Mobile Check-In not working

Hi everyone. Brand new user to RockRMS but old time tech here.

I have set up a couple of virtual machines on my laptop to check out RockRMS and most things are working. I have SSL certs, DNS configured, Google Maps API keys, etc. I can access the internal and public sites on both my laptop and iphone.

When I go to the /mobilecheckin link on my iphone, it seems to be stuck on the page saying "Hi Bob! We can't determine your location. Please be sure to enable location permissions on your device."

On my laptop using Firefox browser, it gets to the link /phoneidentification?returnUrl=%252fmobilecheckin%253ftheme%253dcheckinelectric  and under the "Individual Lookup" title, there is a red box saying "This block is not yet configured for use. "

Are these the same issues?
What should I be doing to resolve the problems.
I'm not against reading the manuals and experimenting but there is a lot to take in as a new admin to this system.

We are wanting to start using RockRMS for our youth group check-in process in a few weeks time.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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    The documentation is really concise for a product of this size. I wished I'd had it so good on some the "enterprise" systems I've worked on.

    The Setting Up Mobile Check-in section of the check-in manual is not long at all and should have everything you need.

    Do you have a device set up for where you are trying to check in?
    ( Check in device - not a phone or something - but one in Rock - the section I linked above has a screenshot explaining how to set it up.)

    Has that device been added to the Mobile Check-in Launcher block settings? 
    ( The second screenshot in the section shows where and how to do that.)

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    We discovered (and in talking with one other church) that Location Services is a problem with mobile check-in. We've started to use it for a couple of things ourselves, and just testing it with Staff, we've found that some of the settings on people's phone are not intuitive or easy to figure out where they need to allow location services. When we have it set up to use for something, we also provide a backup for those who just can't get in.