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Check Scanning

Has anyone run into errors while check scanning?

What should we do if our check scanner is not being recognized?

Does anyone have know how to change the scanning speed? We noticed it goes very slow for the color scanning.

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    I'm not aware of errors scanning in our environment, but that could indicate a dirty sensor... our scanner has special cleaning cards we run through it periodically. 

    Not exactly sure what you mean by "not being recognized" but the most common issue getting a new scanner to work is installing the driver. For unknown reasons, you usually have to: install Ranger driver. Reboot. Uninstall Ranger driver. Reboot. Install Driver. Reboot... and now Rock recognizes the scanner. This is usually a one-time process and once a scanner is recognized, it stays that way.

    Unfortunately there's not a lot you can do about the slowness. The architecture of the current app is "scan, upload, scan, upload..." which means after each check is scanned, it then has to wait for Rock to upload/store the image in the database. Depending on the speed of the connection between your scanner app and Rock, that can be a couple of seconds (or more). 

    That said, I would think twice about color scanning, unless you're mandated to do that. The images you store will be MUCH bigger than B&W, meaning they will take up at least 3x the space in the database, and take 2-3x longer to upload. 

    I think the check scanner app is being heavily revamped in v9 and hopefully it will be faster uploading.