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Workflow To Financial Batch and Financial Transactions

Can anyone help me figure out how to create a financial batch and a financial transaction with a workflow?  Is there an "action" that I should use to do something like this?  

Thank you

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    The only financial workflow actions revolve around Benevolence. You would have to use the Run SQL action to do that kind of thing.

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    Thanks guys.  I appreciate the responses.  I have since done a TON of research on this and learned a whole lot of new things.  But I"ll give you a quick rundown on what I'm trying to be able to accomplish.

      I'd like to create a workflow form for someone to enter donation information into and allow that to create a transaction entry and then send an API request to my accounting software (WaveApps).  So I don't have to do a ton of repeat entries.  Maybe I can do this with a "workflow trigger" but honestly I don't understand those at all :)

      The second half of that I've figured out in sending a webrequest to waveapps (using zapier as a middle man).  And I've also learned how to interact with the Financial transactions API in rock. 

       I've also tried using "webrequest" to send an API request to rock itself to do what I need it to...but there is always a warning every time I try to do it from a workflow.  I can easily send it from Postman or Zapier but for some reason it doesn't work for me from a workflow.... I've considered changing the direction to something like:  Jotform-Goes to--Zapier--Goes to---Rock & Waveapps. 

      Hope all that makes sense...Please let me know if you would work to accomplish this in another way.  

    Also...maybe someone knowledgeable with the API I think I am doing this correctly to enter transactions through the API.  I've created a master excel file that organizes transaction info from my previous giving platform (PCO) so I can send it in 4 steps outlined below:

    1. Create a Batch

    2. Create a Financial Payment Detail (with currencyvaluetype, and ID)

    3. Create a Transaction using Financial Payment Detail ID above and Batch combined with a series of info like "financialpaymentdetails" and "Date" etc.  

    4. Create Financial Transaction Details using the Transaction ID and the rest of the info I have from the transactions.

    If this is correct perhaps I can share some of this information as a "recipe."  BTW I am not a coder and have only learned all of this in order to be more efficient in my use of Rock not for any other reason...Just a pastor of a small church trying to figure it out.