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Frontporch Integration

Is anyone currently using Frontporch and if so, is it possible to have the 'attendance' be included in eRA? 
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    This is not currently part of the integration... wifi presence records "Interactions" but not actual attendance, which is what's needed to drive eRA. If I recall, Southeast Christian might be tying wifi presence data with eRA/attendance with some custom code. You might ping Mark Lee or Chuck Bump in Rocket Chat to ask. There's also an Idea you can vote on here

    • Marcie Rempel

      Thanks Jim. My boss, Wayne Regher hopes to have a further discussion with one of those guys at the Rock conference.

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    FYI, if you're on v10, this is now possible and the framework is detailed in the documentation.

    Keep in mind you'll need to understand your group types, etc. to make sure you understand eRA influence. eRA documentation