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Financial Reporting

Hello.   We are in the process of creating necessary standard financial reports from ROCK.   We wanted these reports to be standardized with optional selection fields (e.g. date ranges) by the user.    The reports include some like:

- Personal Contribution Statement that groups funds together with summaries, provides pledge information including remaining balance, and text.   We wanted it to be more than just a list of contributions for a select period.

- Contribution vs Pledging information which compares contributions/pledges for multiple years which include percentages, counts and summaries.

It sounds as of ROCK nor the Statement Generator is able to accommodate this.

Does anyone have experience with this or some suggestions as to the best way to approach this?

It sounds as if even SQL may be difficult.

Thank you.   Vicky

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    Hey Vicky,

    From the sounds of it you will be better of using sql but have a couple questions. 

    1. You want multiple people on the report or would the report just be for one person at a time?

    2. Sounds like you want multiple years for contributions, what about pledges?

    Do you have an example?  It sounds like your trying to duplicate a report. 

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    Hello, Michael.  Thank you so much for responding.   Is it ok if I email you our requirements directly?


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    Here is what you can do.  I am not sure if this is to replace your contribution statement or to be added to.  For this example I will build this in parallel on a test server.

    I made a link to the Tax Statement via the user profile as you can see from Ted:


    This is the output of the statement:


    Feel free to copy the code and edit how ever you wish.

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    Michael, I love this, but I can't open the block to see the code, all I can see is the page properties. Is there a way I can see the block configuration?