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Bulk Remove Users from Security Role

Is there a way to remove multiple users within a security role all at once?

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    You can do this with a little bit of trickery...

    1. Go to Admin | General | Group Types and edit the Security Role group type. 
    2. In the Display section, enable Show in Navigation. Note that this will make your security roles SHOW IN THE GROUP VIEWER, so you want to work quickly and then turn this setting back off.
    3. Go to the security role you want to "empty out" and choose bulk update from the grid.
    4. Choose Group | Remove From Group and then choose your security role that is now visible in the group list. 
    5. Run the bulk update, then go back to #1 and disable Show in Navigation.

    • Jim Michael

      Note that above we're removing ALL users from the roll via bulk update. If you just want to remove "some", you'd need to select them in the grid before clicking bulk update.