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Adding new family from Check-in

Is it possible to add a new family directly from the Check-in screen or do you have to go via the back-end?

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    Yes you can! But you do have to plan for this configuration upfront before implementing it. This is something that you'd want to setup on a separate kiosk / terminal with a keyboard since it requires data entry. It's also something that you would likely want some staff to cover and help a new family through on a Sunday morning. I wouldn't expect anyone with kids hanging off of them in a new church environment to enter family info all by themselves.

    You can read about how to setup this type of new family entry here:


    This setup is all covered in the same Check-in / Check-out manual, but there are a few different areas of the back-end system that must be configured for this to work on the front end "family facing".

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    Wow! That is super helpful! Thanks Ben:)