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New fields in Batch Transaction Entry

There are two new (and unnecessary) fields in the Finance > Batches > Transaction detail page - Non-Cash Asset Type and Fee. This is slowing down an already cumbersome process of manually entering donations into rock.

What is the best way to customize this page to only prompt the user for the fields that are actually used?

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    Wayne, I noticed there hasn't been a response to your question, so hopefully this helps even though it's been 4 months :(

    I don't know if I'm following you but here's my guess. There is a `Currency Type` choice for "Non-Cash Asset". However, this is simply another `Currency Type`.

    These are configured at the Defined Type level (such as ). You can edit these (but I wouldn't remove the ones provided by Core team). You *can* change the order that they display in the UI dropdown or mark a currency type as de-active at the defined type detail. These settings can be defined and modified by someone with Rock Administration permissions (as they impact more than just the manual entry process). If you'd like to get a feel for making those changes yourself the demo environment is the best place to start:

    Does that help?

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    Thank you, Shawn, for the help.