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WIFI Interactions

Does anyone use Wifi Interactions?  How do you respond to people who register/connect for the first time?  Wanting to be able to connect with these people but want to respect their privacy.  Any suggestions on what I can do?  Thanks.  
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    Hi Ben. We use Wifi Interactions but for the sake of tracking attendance and not to follow up with first time connectors. However I could see that could be a helpful idea. I think if you sent them an email/text saying thank you for connecting to our wifi. We are here to serve. If you have any questions let us know. 

    That could create a wow factor that someone actually followed up and shows the church's desire to serve.

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    We try to balance out the information and the creep out factor of contacting people who used our WiFi. Mostly we use that data for attendance. We use that in part to determine when someone started for volunteer purposes as well as service attendance.

    We don't use WiFi as a reason to contact someone, but we may use that data if we need to contact them. There are other ways people can get us to contact them digitally. We have an online connection card, connections, etc. This is in addition to traditional means of getting to know someone.