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First Time Guest Automation

Does anyone have automation you use for first-time guests that is working that you would like to share? 

  • How many weeks is your program?
  • How often do you text / email? 
  • What are your next steps you encourage them to go to?
  • Do you use and if / then automation?

Thanks so much!

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    We use it and love it.  

    Our program is three weeks.  

    We send an email on the first Sunday afternoon they visit. A second email on the Friday after (as a reminder about our services coming up), and an email three weeks after their first visit on a Friday to remind them about our services.  

    We encourage them to participate in our Core Classes (membership series)

    We use the automation email function.  Their first Sunday visit, we set up all the emails that afternoon. 

    Also, we're looking into how to walk with people longer than the three weeks.  Sending them resources, how can we pray for you, any questions, etc.

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    Thank you so much for sharing this with me!