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How to access rock RMS through the internet

So I installed Rock RMS through all the manuals

I am using AZURE and we are wanting to receive payment so I had to make 2 virtual machines one of the data and the other for the internet 

after successfully installing Rock RMS I am stuck 

I don't have any idea of how to access Rock RMS through the internet through another computer. I went to CMS Configuration and set up the external website. I have no idea how to make a domain so that people can access Rock RMS. What am I supposed to do? Do I buy a domain and then put that in there? I have no idea how this works

also same problem with the internal website. Please help me..... I am completely lost and defeated....

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    I'm new to this as well, but I recently setup a Rock instance on Azure so maybe I can help!

    What you need to do is edit the DNS records for the domain that you want to use and point the A record to the Public IP address that was given to you for your VM on Azure. See the screenshot for where to find the IP. Until you get a domain name setup, you can also just type that IP address into your browser to get to Rock.

    CleanShot 2020-03-06 at 08.22.09.png

    When you are adding multiple sites, just repeat the process and point each domain to the same IP address of your server. When you specify the domain in the site settings for Rock, your server will know which site under the hood to serve when you type that domain in your browser.

    I hope this helps!