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"That Wasn't Suppose To Happen" Error

Hi Guys - Our Church like many churches (Australia)  has had to go Online. We want to get people either to register their details with us or update their details so our Pastoral team can contact them while we cant gather. 

I may be doing this wrong but our main website is still Wordpress. When I link from our WordPress page to our Rockrms page (Login Page) I get "That Wasn't Suppose To Happen" Error (I link to screenshot) .  So the link is 

Now if I'm logged in to Rock. It seems to work, but If I'm not or I clear my browser information I get the error.

I want New people to go to the link and simply add their details .. Am I doing this wrong?

Here's the error (I think)    at Rock.Web.RockRouteHandler.System.Web.Routing.IRouteHandler.GetHttpHandler(RequestContext requestContext)

Thanks, Guys 

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    Hi Steve,

    My initial thought, without knowing entirely how your system is set up, is that your security permissions may be limited to just users with a Rock account. If someone isn't logged in and gets that exception, it makes me think that this is a security issue.

    Could you check your security and let us know what you see? Let us know - thanks!

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    Hey Brad ! Thanks so much for helping me out. That does seem plausible.

    I've looked in security settings but I'm not sure what I'm looking for.