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Event Registration

  1. If a person has already registered for an event, how can we stop them from registering again?
  2. If "Registrants in the same Family = Yes" and "Show Family Members = Yes", in Registration Template, then in the Registration Page, for "How many registrants will you be registering?", the maximum number should be a count of members in the family. Currently, it uses the maximum set in the Registration Template.
  3. In the Registrant Page, while Registering, Family Member Dropdown should not have a blank entry, but only the list of Family Members. The blank entry allows registering a new person, who is being added to the family.

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    1. You cannot. There has been talk, but it's a far more complex situation than it first appears to be.

    2 & 3. This is working as intended. Consider this situation. I go to church on the weekend and put $100 in a giving envelope with only my name on it. During the week I am added to the database. A few weeks later, I see on the event calendar an upcoming couples retreat - which would normally be a great opportunity for "in same family = yes". I go to register and login to the website. Since my wife is not yet in the database, I would have to be allowed to manually enter a new person. Otherwise I can't register. After entering my wife's information, she is added to my family.