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Data view Attributes passed into Workflow

Hello, I am using a plugin called WorkFlow Launcher. It essentially allows you to run a workflow for each result of a dataview. However, I have a problem... I can't figure out what to name my attributes in the workflow so that I can actually do anything.

My Dataview returns a bunch of people with a specific tag.

I want my workflow to remove the tag from each person.

I just can't figure out what to name the attributes in the workflow. Any help would appreciated.

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    I figured it out. I essentially use Workflow set attribute to entity, and use a bunch of lava and links to actions on person pages to get it to work... Idk if its the most efficient way, but it works!

    It does stink that Activate work flow doesn't seem to be something you can do by sticking it in a java script function or something like that. Would make doing certain things with workflows easier!

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    Hi Caleb,

    Glad you got it worked out, you might also check into the Bulk Edit options available to you. It sounds like you are probably a Rock Admin for your instance, so you should have access to everything within that UI.

    For any Grid (list of people, like in your Data View example) there is a Bulk update option in the buttons at the top and bottom right. Add to / Remove from tag is the last section in that UI.

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    Yeah, bulk update would do it to. I’m trying to essentially automate a bunch of stuff Though.

    we have a very robust visitation ministry, and Not everyone who is a part of it is really tech savvy, so making it as easy as possible is the goal.

    essentially I’ve gotta list of people pop up, a bunch of button by each name, they click a button and it runs a workflow for that person adding them to certain lists.

    than once a week, I’ve got a job that runs a certain workflow to take everyone off those lists. It’s working very well.