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Worship Team Scheduling -- Song Select/PCO

We are trying to transition everything under Rock, including the scheduling of all of our teams. The one issue that I am running up against is a way to add music/videos for the songs in the set-list for those scheduled on the worship team. We are currently using PCO, and it has a very nice clean interface with Song Select to pick and attach songs, and I'm having difficulty recreating that. 

I can get a sort of clunky interface via HTML blocks/Content Component blocks, but it's not very clean/intuitive/user friendly, and is going to require multiple more steps of downloading the music from Song Select and then re-uploading it into Rock for every song/every key. 

Does anyone know if there is any Rock integration with Song Select or have a recipe to create a clean, user friendly document upload form that is accessible from the Group Scheduler, but allows those scheduled to see the documents, such as in their Schedule Toolbox?

Scott D.

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    Just as a FYI... Rock can't and doesn't intend to compete with PCO for the service scheduling things they do so well. That nut has already been cracked.

    Most Rock orgs I know of use Rock's Group Scheduling features for every team *except* Music and Tech, where the features of PCO are necessary and worth using. For those teams, they then tend to use the PCO Sync plugin from the Rock shop to at least keep the two DBs in sync. 

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    Hello Scott,

      We use PCO for our Worship team and Rock for scheduling our other volunteers. With how robust PCO is for worship, I don't believe there are plans for Rock functionality to replace it. It is more that they compliment each other where it is easier for volunteers like greeters in Rock where it is just drag and drop where they don't need the song keys, videos, etc.

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    That's what I was kinda worried about. We were thinking about just keeping PCO for worship team, but we are running up against people getting double booked for stuff since some scheduling was happening in Rock and some in PCO.

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    We have also looked into this not only related to music, but even to scheduling rooms, etc.  PCO seems to be the best and in the recent Master Class, they advised PCO for the reason Aaron (above) gave.

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    I've found the Project Management plug in works really well for coordinating with different people and teams.  I created an external page for anyone with a login to be able to get onto it.

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    Does it work as well as PCO for coordination and what about uploading documents?

    • Scott S

      I'm sure it doesn't work as well and I don't currently use it for that.

      But it serves well as a space for discussions around projects and tasks. Perhaps you could create a project for each sunday? There is a spot for documents too.

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    Thank you!