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Rock RMS Admin

Can we use the Rock RMS Admin side without an active website? 

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    If you mean, can you use Rock as your admin without using the external facing website feature then you can do that without any issues. There are ways to allow iframes of Admin Rock content out to your current external website as you'll likely find the need to integrate some Admin features of Rock into your current website such as Event Registration, User forms, Prayer requests, email list sign-ups, etc.
    There are plenty of churches in the Rock community that use other external website services such as Wix, SquareSpace, Wordpress, etc.
    Although the best way to leverage Rock for your church is to utilize it both internally and externally to focus content for users logged in, it is not a requirement, but the best experience. 
    This documentation is a great starting point: Planning for Rock
    This video is a great introduction into Rock: Virtual Roadshow