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Tableau Users?

Hey everyone!

I am brand new to Rock and was wondering if there are any users that connect or upload their data to Tableau. I've watched the training video on Business Intelligence and their videos and documentation seem to be created with the intent that users will use Microsoft Power BI. I have about 8 years experience working with Tableau so I'd like to stick with what I know if I can. I'd enjoy connecting with any other users that also have experience with Tableau.

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    We have not connected any data visualization tools to Rock yet. I am thinking that Tableau can connect to a SQL database, a quick Google search brought this up:

    If you need help following the directions or finding a piece of data that those instructions are wanted, I would encourage you to ask in the Chat area instead of the Q&A area. I will follow this post so that I will be alerted of any responses.

    FYI, you will need access to your database. If your IT department or a Rock partner set it up, you may need to reach out to them.