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I am trying to download Rockit SDK and I keep getting invalid zip files.


When I try to download Rockit, I put localhost as my domain (as I do not have one I will be using this for currently), however the zip file is 16kb and it is not unzippable. Should I make up a dummy domain instead?

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    I put in dummy domain ( and it worked.

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    Hi Sean, just wanted to let you know that the domain is required. I just tested it and it does indeed require me to enter a domain so it must have been a fluke that it was letting you submit without entering a domain. But glad to hear you are all good to go.

    • Daniel Hazelbaker

      Actually just realized what you meant about localhost. It looks like there is a bug that expects a "." to be in the domain. The domain you enter doesn't need to be "valid" in terms of actually pointing somewhere real, but it does need to be valid in terms of requiring a period. This is just used to populate a number of fields and default values for you.