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Checkin Sort

We've set up our children's checkin functionality.  All of our groups, rooms, and schedules have been entered.  On the administration/set up screen, they look great!  See the image below and notice the sort order is as we want it (Birth, 1s, 2s, 3s, etc.)


However, when we launch checkin, the groups do NOT appear in the same sort order (notice Birth, 1s, 3s, etc.)


We've found these specific groups in the Group table and the sort order in that table is correct (I'm guessing that's why they appear correct in the setup screen).

Does anyone know what it used as the sort field when pulling these groups for the check-in client/pages?

Thanks in advance.

Doug C. | Fellowship of the Parks

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    I answered you on Rocket.Chat as well, but I wanted to post here as well.  I believe this is being sorted by the name of the room. Is there a reason why you are not able to use the check in rules in this case by age and by grade, so your guest do not have to pick a room for each of their kids to check in?

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    I see that the checkin page is calling a Load Schedules Activity from the Unattended Check-in Workflow, but I can't seem to locate the "logic" behind the Load Schedules activity.  Any ideas?  Thanks.

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    Thanks for the reply.  You're correct on the sort!