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Timesheets in Rock?

Is there a way to have hourly employees fill out/submit timesheets through Rock? Perhaps a plugin someone's made?

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    If it is essentially on the honor system, it would only require a Workflow with a short form to send that Information to the relevant person.

    If you need something more sophisticated then that, it could potentially take quite a bit of work. There is an HR plugin that only handles time-off requests. By comparison, you could imagine tracking hours worked (aka money owed someone) could potentially require significantly more verification and some sort of paper trail.

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    I have done time sheets/time clock using the check in system and a bunch of SQL, and some work flows. Its not the most elegant solution. But its possible to do it.

    I like using the check in system because it conceivably allows the time tracking to interact with other rock systems. I essentially have a worker check in twice, and I use SQL and lava compare the created date time of a check in, to the modified date time. This is obviously not the greatest most secure way to store things, since Rock might do other things that edit the modified date time, his hasn't happened yet, but it conceivable could.

    But it works for the small scale time tracking I needed, without having to manage a whole separate system. This works for me only because what I'm comparing it to essentially having someone right their hours on paper. I do not intend to scale this system at all, and if the need ever came, I  believe I would need to invest in a dedicated system. But if your needs are similar to mine at the moment, then know you can do it, it just takes some creativity with rock.

    A plugin developer could also add this functionality. But, it seems rather niche and there are more simple alternative, like starting a Wordpress website and install a timeclock plugin for tracking hours for employees. So, while possible, if you don't want to do the work to manage it yourself, probably worth looking into a dedicate system. Unless a plugin developer sees opportunity, I suppose.