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Printable Picture Directory

I can't seem to find a way, no matter how I structure a merge template, to create a printable directory report that includes pictures. I've scoured the manuals with no luck. Surely someone has written code to make this happen?? 

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    Hi Chris!

    We've done something similar to be able to print our staff list with pictures, however note that I am using a PDF Document Type from  the PDF Toolkit plugin. But this code should at least get you started!


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    Hey Leah,

    The link to your lava goes to a 404 page. I'd love to see it as well. I do have the pdf toolkit plugin.

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    Thanks for letting me know, Karen! Looks like the file browser didn't like .lava files, so I changed it to .txt. Just know when you upload it to the merge template, it should be .lava.

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    Here is our pictorial directory. It is an HTML merge...


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    Craig, your HTML merge gets me the closest so far, but I can't seem to get people's pictures to show up. It only shows blank media boxes next to each person, like no photo is available. What might I be missing?

    • Craig Mashburn

      Perhaps you are not storing your photos in the default location?

      src="{{ 'Global' | Attribute:'InternalApplicationRoot' }}{{ head.PhotoUrl }}"

      I can confirm this still works for us.