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Allow External Updates to Registrations

Hello! Is there a way to allow end users to update/edit their registrations (without logging in)? When editing or creating a registration form, there is an option:

Allow External Updates to Saved Registrations 

The tooltip explanation on what the option is for seems to be what I wanted but I don't see any option or link to go back to my previous registration when viewing the Registration Instance or Form. So how does this feature work? I don't see a Save button as well while registering. In the Default Email notification there's no link as well that I can click to go back to my registration.  

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    Hey Jackson,

    I just tested on the demo site to confirm, and editing a registration once it's created appears to require a login.

    Even if someone had the link to edit a registration, (the format of the link is similar to, if they're not logged in it will tell them they need to be logged in to edit the registration. And if they're logged in as someone else (other than the original registrar) then it will tell them they can't edit or view the registration because they're not the one who created the original registration.

    This is probably all for security reasons- you don't want someone being able to guess the URL to view or edit another person's registration, get their personal information, etc.

    When you ARE logged in, usually a church will put a "Recent Registrations" block on the "My Account" page that a church member could use to access their registrations and make additional payments or edit the registration if that's enabled. I think that's the primary intended use of that  feature.

    Hope that helps!