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Potential Bug... Current Date plus x days default value

Hey there,

I'm not sure if this is a bug....

I've created a date attribute 'Over90Days' and set the default value to current date + 90 days.

Unfortunately, when I reference it, even after persisting...  the output is a string value of 'Current Date plus 90 days'

I would expect to see the actual date 90 days from now...

I have two other attributes as well. One is Current Date and the other is Current Date + 14.

They are behave the same.

Thank you,

Jen Zanelli

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    For reference, Jen also posted about this in chat and got some real-time help. What she was observing is that in a workflow, you can set up an attribute using the "Date" fieldtype, set the control type to "Date Picker", and the default value to "Current plus 90 days". The RawValue of that attribute will be set to the text she mentions, rather than an actual date.

    People in chat pointed out that the expected value of such an attribute would ALWAYS be 90 days in the future - that is if you came back to a workflow that was started yesterday, then today it would logically have moved one day later so it's still 90 days away. That's how it works when you use this fieldtype in a dataview, for instance, so that's why the RawValue is storing the description rather than an actual date.


    Jen, did you decide to go forward with your idea of setting the value of a date attribute from a workflow action using {{'Now' | DateAdd:90}} instead, so it will set the date when the workflow starts and the date won't change in your persisted workflow on later days?

    In v13.4 and later it's possible you may be able to use the | DateRangeFromSlidingFormat Lava filter (I haven't tried to see), but that may only be for sliding date formats. But even if this works, it would certainly always take 90 days from "today", not from the start of your workflow.