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Jobs Administration doesn't run all the Lava in Workflow

We are using workflows and jobs to schedule emails with attendance information. After updating to v12.8 the emails were missing some information. It looks like maybe the Jobs Administration is missing some permissions because when I run the workflow from  the Workflow Configuration page it sends all the data as expected but even if I manually run the Job it sends the email with only partial data.

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    Hi Abby! This may be easier to troubleshoot through using the community "live" chat. This would be a perfect discussion for the #workflow or #lava channels. There thousands of Rock community members are able to help you out in "real-time". Many times members are willing to jump on a zoom call to help you out. Please join them here and ask your question again:

    To try and answer you, it is difficult without seeing the lava from your workflow, seeing if any of the actions in the workflow fail or everything completes as expected. Also any WF attributes that the lava may be populating causing an issue with truncation due to the field type or formatting. So many questions best served under the chat.