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Tracking volunteer hours

Is there a way to track volunteer hours in ROCK?  We apply for grants through our organization and some of them require us to disclose how many hours our volunteers have logged YTD.  Right now we use Golden Volunteer to do that because we didn't think it could be done in ROCK.  We'd love to cancel Golden if it can be done here.
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    Hi Shannon. There are possibly a variety of ways to "track volunteer hours" in Rock, but it seems there is close alignment to volunteering in a 'group'.  If true, Rock's Group Scheduling features could allow you to schedule those volunteers and then using the Schedule Analytics (or other custom reporting ideas) you could turn the data into "hours served" per month/YTD, etc.  Then you would probably just need to multiply the number of times attended by the schedule/service time's Duration to calculate the number of hours volunteered.    (Depending on the structure of your schedules, this may or may not be a feasible thing.)

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    Shannon, I second Nick's thoughts on using Group Scheduling. You can then report on the hours based on them checking into the group. Here's a recipe which is similar to that which I modified to count on those attended hours. Recipe
    Note because a volunteer would likely work in a chunk of hours per day each group they'd be volunteering for would need to have that set amount of hours, by default it's 1 hr. So if they're scheduled and checked into a group for a day, they'd accrue 1hr for that day. So you may have groups that are pre-set to 2, 4, 6, 8 hrs. So when they serve and check-in for those schedules they'd earn that rate per session. I hope that makes sense.

    If you hop over to the community chat anyone can walk you through how to set this type of system up.