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Lava issues with communications template

Hi everyone!

I'm a new Rock user and working with some email templates. When using templates the lava fields show correctly in the preview, but when sending the emails, they don't pull in any of the attributes: it's all just blank. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong or a good link to point me to so I can dig in further? Thanks!!

Examples: {{ Person.FirstName }} and {{ 'Global' | Attribute:'OrganizationWebsite' }}

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    Welcome to Rock Ryan! Your examples look fine on their own so it is likely something different. The good news is that there is a whole community over at Rocket Chat ready to help you! Once you register, I'd recommend that you head over to the #Communications channel and repost your question, along with some more detail (how did you create this template, is it a system communications template, in what context are you using it, maybe a chunk of the actual template, etc).