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Changing Transaction Dates in a Batch

Is there a way to change multiple dates of a transaction at one time? I see the option to highlight along the left side but I don't see functions or options for editing. 


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    I don't believe so. The check-boxes along the left side are for the grid actions (export to excel, launch workflow, etc.) and the "move transactions to batch" drop down. I'm not aware of any way to do a bulk edit of transactions in Rock.

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    Do you know if you can scan checks after a batch has been created in Rock? Example we just started to use the scanner in Feb but if it's possible, we would like to go back and scan in the January checks. (of course these batches have all been created already)

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    I don't do the scanning, but you could create new batches and enter the data again.

    For editing a bunch of dates, I've done that directly in the database before, but never through the web interface. I don't believe it is a common enough need to build it in.
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    Hi Pam

    You can scan them into a new batch and them move them to the batch you have created already. We have done this when we had checks come in later the same day. If you want to do a zoom call to discuss how to do that let me know.

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    Hi Pam,

    I add checks to batches all the time.  You have to move the batch back to pending status in Rock for it to show back up in your scanners available batches.  Once you see the batch in your scanner, you can scan more checks into it.