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Impersonation - No "Action" option

There is a RockU video about impersonation, but even though I follow the steps, I'm not seeing the option they mention.

This is a screen shot from the video, and a circle around the Actions option (that I'm not seeing).


As a matter of fact, when I go to a user profile (my wife, who is patiently letting me use her to test the system), I see a completely different profile page that what is in the video. I'm hoping that is just because of the version, but maybe I've done something else wrong.


Anyone know how I do this?

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    Good catch! They have moved things around a bit since that video was recorded. You can now trigger impersonation by clicking one the "Actions" button found below the profile photo.


    • Herb Parsons

      Thank you! that got me started, but I still hit a wall. Looking at my wife's profile, she has impersonation enabled, but when I click on the Action button, Impersonate is greyed out.

      Does the fact that she's set as an admin affect that?

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    Herb, The issue is likely that in addition to updating the UI since that video, they've also implemented protection profiles.  You might want to review this section:

    • Herb Parsons

      Thank you. When I saw the padlock icon, I assumed it was something like that. So am I correct in assuming that since my wife has an elevated account, she can't be impersonated? It would seem that someone with the RSR - Administrator role should be able to impersonate anyone.

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    Here's a temporary way to do testing and  impersonating on high security folks. 

    Go to their profile, security tab, user account list. Now simply add a new login & database password that only you will know. Next either logout completely or better yet, grab a different browser Chrome, Safari, Firefox, MS Edge, etc. and login with these credentials. Now you can see exactly what they see, still have your access on your browser to work, and the best part you haven't effected their regular login.

    Don't forget to go back and delete the login when you're done.