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Mailing Labels

My question is, how do you generate mailing labels of group members?

Here is more context to my question... We send a Leader Packet to all of our leaders and hosts at the beginning of each of our Life Group quarters.  We just migrated over to Rock from Arena and will need to execute this task soon.  In the past, we were able to combine households/ couples addresses so that we are only sending one packet to each unit/home.  Is this possible in Rock? We have over 1000 leaders and hosts.

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P.s. I searched under Q & A, Recipes, and in the manuals.  I could possibly be missing it or I could be calling it the wrong name.

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    Hey Koko, you'll want to check out the merge documents section of the Rock admin hero guide:

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    Have you considered switching this process to digital to be a better steward of resources (time, printing, postage costs)? You could have a system communication with a PDF attachment of the "packet" which would automatically send via a Group Sync Welcome Email for Leaders or add a Group Type Workflow to send this communication whenever a new Leader is added to a group. Either way this is a similar physical to electronic time and money saving as going from yearly printed and mailed contribution statements to electronic. Just a thought.

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    We actually have a digital packet we send out and post online for our leaders & host to access, as well as other communications for welcoming new leaders and host.  This particular packet contains resources for leaders and host to have at their first meeting.   Many of our leaders and host prefer hard copies.  But I completely understand what you are saying.