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SMS Messaging From Group Toolbox in Version 12.9

Are there any old-timers out there who have any idea how to enable SMS messaging in Group Toolbox in version 12.9? I thought I had figured out how to do it. See the two attached screenshots below. Look first at the group toolbox config picture. There is a setting in the lava configuration for the page to Enable Communication Preference. As you can see the explanation says it allows the currently logged in individual to set their communication preference “for” the group. So, I set that to Yes. Now look at the group toolbox picture. As you can see at the top of the page, highlighted in green and circled in red, I was now presented with the option to choose Email or SMS. When I selected SMS, it still only had the Email Roster button at the bottom. So I sent a test message to myself from the group in which I am a leader to see if it would actually send an email, a text message, or both. I received only an email. So, either the setting isn’t working or there’s something else that needs to be set somewhere to accommodate that setting to work properly or that's not even what the setting is for. Although, there seems no other explanation for it. I went through the current documentation online for Group Toolbox and found nothing about the communication option at all for email or SMS.

Any thoughts? Thanks for reading!

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    These are the things I would check in this order:

    1. When you click "Email Roster" and go to the simple email page, check the block settings to make sure SMS is enabled. When enabled it will appear at the top to send an SMS.
    2. From your message, I can't tell if this is what you mean, but when you send a message, you set up email communications and SMS as separate communications. It does not just send the email as an SMS message.
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    Thanks, Kevin! The block setting on the simple email page was the answer. Now I just have to figure out why the SMS messages are not actually being delivered. The Communications History page indicates they are delivered but the recipient does not receive the message. Something must be hosed up with Twilio perhaps. Anyway, that's for another string on here. Thanks for your help!