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Split cash transactions into notes and coins that make up total

We collect offerings each week and the total amount needs to be recorded, but split by the denomination of notes and coins received

Is there ability to record general tithes and show the split of notes and coins that make up the total, this ability is one of the main ones we are looking for in deciding on a software package 

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    Hi Troy

    We just scan our cash envelopes in with the tallies just like we do for checks so we have record of it in the Rock and can go back and look at what we received if there is a discrepancy. Hope this helps! Rock is awesome.

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    Why do you need to do this? Is it coming from leadership? Is it required by the bank for deposit purposes? Is it just "that's how we've always done it before"? I have never heard of any church that has needed, nor required this level of detail in their cash giving.

    Evaluating current processes isn't always the best way to evaluate a new system. Understanding your current processes well, why you do them, what the process if for, and who the process benefits for each and every process that interacts with the software will lead you to a great decision making outcome. could enter several transactions of cash and note the domination notes in the comment field. And/or create entirely new Transaction Types such as Cash - Dime, Cash - Quarters, Cash - Dollars, Cash Fives, etc and each transaction of that type would be the total. With Rock you can do nearly anything you can think of. But again I ask, why would you want or need to?

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    Thanks Ben

    It’s done as part of the banking and recon process, cash giving each week is tallied manually at the moment on a contribution sheet and number of notes and coins of each denomination is recorded and totals tallied, if at banking time there is a discrepancy then we look to the tally sheet to see whether there has been a counting or a calculation error…. 

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    Thanks Crista 

    Our tithing is placed into tithing bags that are passed around, most don’t put cash envelopes in

    I suppose another option is to make an entry in Rock for the total tithe and take a photo of the cash breakup sheet and put on the transaction as an attachment, that might work